9th May 2017 – Annual General Meeting

Forty-nine members and guests attended the 93rd Annual General Meeting of the Society in the Throne Room of Archbishop’s House on 9 May, preceded by mass in the Cathedral.  Members were informed about the financial performance of the Society since the previous AGM and that it had been possible to again increase our contribution to Archbishop’s House, this year to £47,000.  The Society’s accounts would be submitted to The Charity Commission in England and Wales and copies will be available from the Secretary.  The Chairman expressed thanks for the contribution of Maggie Hood, who was leaving the Council, her place being taken by Cliona Howell.

Cardinal and Chairman with this year's cheque

Members enjoyed an excellent reception following the AGM, with Cardinal Vincent in great form, as ever warmly welcoming members to Archbishop’s House and hugely appreciative of the contribution the Society makes towards the running expenses of the building.  He gave us details of his recent trip to Rome with four British Moslem leaders, representing different strands of Islam, and their meeting with Pope Francis.  He said that the trip had brought home to him the despair of moderate Moslem men and women in the face of the brutal divisions within their religion, particularly evidenced by the conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.  He also remarked that he could not fail to notice the profound impact that Pope Francis had had on his guests and he was sure that the visit would have a positive impact on relations between Christians and Moslems in Great Britain.

Cardinal speaking to guest