14th May 2015 – Annual General Meeting

The Society’s 91st Annual General Meeting and reception were held on Thursday 14th May 2015 in The Throne Room at Archbishop’s House preceded by Mass in the Cathedral for members of the Society, present and past, their family and friends.

The business of the AGM was routine and the report of the Treasurer demonstrated that the Society’s finances are in good shape and, for the time being, capable of delivering the target of real terms increases in the annual contributions to Archbishop’s House that the Chairman had set.  This was reflected in the ability to hand over to Cardinal Vincent a couple of cheques which were substantial and will help toward a number of projects within Archbishop’s House.

The formal meeting was followed by a very enjoyable reception at which the Cardinal spoke about a number of interesting topics.  He touched upon his recent meeting with the Home Secretary around the subjects of people trafficking and slavery and spoke of common ground to help tackle this most dreadful of trades.  He moved on to speak about a recent gathering of key representatives of faith groups here in the UK held at Archbishop’s House and the desire and common ground of promoting good in today’s society.

Finally, Cardinal Vincent recounted his experiences during a visit to Northern Iraq in April when he visited the capital of Kurdistan to see and meet with refugees who had been displaced by the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. He mentioned how he had been moved by the account of two elderly women who had been held hostage and threatened with death. Their unswerving faith in adversity was an example of pure and simple love of our Lord, and their faith, a lesson for us all.