Letter from the Chairman

Dear Members

This has been a difficult year for everyone both economically and on a personal basis owing to the impact of Covid-19.

As a result of this, we had to postpone our Annual General Meeting in March which was then held by Zoom on 29th September and it was gratifying that some members were able to join the Committee and Vice Presidents for the meeting.

Due to the economic climate the Committee, at an Extraordinary Meeting held on 9th November 2020, took the decision to inform the Archbishop and Westminster Diocese that the annual contribution, which has increased every year, will have to be reduced from 2021. Throughout our long history there have been occasions when, to meet our commitment to assist the Archbishop of Westminster, we have asked for extra support from our members and we are now asking for your help.

The first most important way in which this can be addressed is a Member-get-Member initiative starting now. It is hoped that every member recruits at least one new member.

Your Committee has decided to keep the annual subscription at £35.00 for single and £60.00 for joint with spouse membership. Single life membership has been increased to £500.00 and Joint to £800.00.

As a necessary fund raising initiative a Centenary Appeal will be launched at the 2021 Annual General Meeting leading up to our Centenary in 2022, which, we are sure, will be well supported by our members and other benefactors. This will enable the Society to continue in the support of its aim to generate increased annual contributions in the future.

The Committee feels sure that you will understand why these responsible decisions have had to be taken and rely, as always, on your assistance and generosity.

Unfortunately, as a result of the recent Government ruling on indoor gatherings, the Autumn Mass and Reception had to be cancelled this year but we are always very grateful for any donations you feel you can give.

Our Centenary will take place in 2022 and we are planning some very special celebrations. As soon as plans are in place the details will be announced.

We very much hope that our usual activities and events can be resumed before too long but the priority is to be responsible and make sure everyone is kept safe.

I would like to thank all the Committee members for everything they do for the Society and all the members for your valuable and generous support, not forgetting our deceased benefactors. PLEASE continue to remember that we need new members, asking your friends and families to join and consider leaving a legacy to the Society in your will. Through a strong membership and prayer, the Society will continue to flourish and in the footsteps of St Augustine, will further promote and advance the Catholic Religion in England and Wales.

I should like to wish you all a very Holy and Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Safe New Year.

With kind regards, prayers and very best wishes,

Mary Goodwin
Chairman of Council
December 2020